Above are some visual serving suggestions for Jacobsen's Snack Toast™, below are more serving suggestions and some fantastic recipes!

Bread Pudding • French Toast • Bruschetta Toast • Tomato-Basil Toast • French Onion Soup • Garlic/Cheese Toast • Open Faced BLT
• Veggie Melt • Tuna Melt • Pizza Plank • Taco Boat • Salad Topping • Peanut Butter & Bananas • Cream Cheese & Fruit.

Helpful Hints: Use a toaster oven or broiler when heating toast. Heating from the top will keep the bottom of the toast from getting too dark.
If you have any questions or new ideas, E-mail us on the contact page. Thanks.


1) Cinnamon Raisin Toast Pudding

2) French Toast

3) Bruschetta Toast

4) French Onion Soup

5) Tomato-Basil Toast

6) Taco Boat

7) Veggie Melt

8) Tuna Melt

9) Pizza Planks

10) Garlic Cheese Toast

11) Other Ideas

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