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All Almond Bark Candy Coatings are not created equal. Ingredients and process matter. That is why Log House Foods uses only the finest ingredients and is meticulous about the preparation of our Coatings. Our Coatings are the finest you will find. Vanilla and Chocolate Coatings are available in 16 oz., 20 oz., and 24 oz. sizes. Add this variety to our assortment of branded label and private label opportunities, and you are guaranteed to have a perfect program to meet your needs. Our Plymouth Pantry and Log House labels are recognized throughout the country as respected symbols of quality. Each of these labels comes packed in 12 count cases. Shipper display units, including both solid and mixed flavors, are available to kick off new placements or specials. Either way, combine Log House Coatings with the rest of our baking line for a sure thing in your baking department.

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